COVID19 vaccine

With the new covid vaccines coming out, will any of you take it or wait and see the results?

Not too sure about it myself after seeing Utopia...

Personally, I'd wait and see. As long as you're staying safe, I think you can hold out. Typically, you don't see a vaccine until 10+ years later and we're seeing it within a year, year and a half.

It's great that we have a vaccine coming out so soon, but at the same time, who may know of the side affects of it. But you can only hold off for so long.

There's one thing that holds true. When a lot of money being pumped into finding a vaccine, it accelerates the process.

Lets be honest, we won't have much of a choice but to take it...

I don't think it would be released if it wasnt safe. the FDA and CDC aren't corrupt or seeking a profit so I doubt they would approve it if it wasnt 100% safe. And the general fear of vaccines in general is baseless and ridiculous

I'll be waiting

I'll probably get it once they broadcast the results of the testing