Credits and Thread ?Moderation

Hopefully this isn't a stupid question and hopefully this hasn't already been answered. I've been looking around and haven't been able to find an answer anyway.

I have started a few threads so far with content. obviously one of the reasons I do this is for credits. However, to the best of my understanding, credits are most easily earned through likes or when people pay for/access your links. This being said though, I am unsure how to "hide" the links for payment in my posts. I know all new threads undergo approval/moderator review-- do the moderators add this hidden link feature? any details would be helpful.

Just want to make sure I'm doing everything right to maximize success and protect the content from going to scrapers.


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@pinermons ... i have found the system used here extremely frustrating and does not encourage posting...

I started by making some replies (mostly responses to others because I could not PM anyone) and each time i was dinged -25 contribution...

but each time you post content by making a thread you only get 5 contribution points... how does that make sense?

You say "thank you" and you lose 25 contribution points but you post content and you only get 5 points...

You also only get 1 credit for each thread posted also does not seem fair... as far as getting 1 credit for each like... that does not also seem to be the case...

I have 8 threads .... more than 30 likes and only 17 credits... I have not used a single credit...

Does it make sense that I have shared 8 different sets and yet i cannot even access 2 threads worth of content?

If costs 10 credits per thread then we should be getting at least 20 credits + likes for each thread that we share with content...

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I agree... I wonder if there is any way to rethink how to incentivize posting. If it had more value to it, I wouldn't bother to comment. I would even be ok with a system where only those who can contribute content earn credits... it's a good way to have a sefl sustained system

yeah the hidden link feature is automatic

remember if it was easy to get credits, this site would've been taken down by now. from dmca's. and you lose contributions from posting in the leak section.

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Went through the same process trying to work things out here.

Links are auto hidden.

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Making threads earns you points, posting in the "leaks" and "adult" sections take away points.

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Yes so I guess I follow, but In principle, If I create a link to new content (which I've taken time to curate), my opinion is the contributor/credit accrual should at least be 1:1. For example, likes on my new threads don't seem to individually accrue credits/level points, even though they are the indicator of a high quality link. I COULD post literally one picture at a time and milk the system based on my current understanding.

Thanks for the clarification about links being autohidden!

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Can somebody help me by telling me how to increase my contribution please? I’ve been stuck at -30 for over a week lol and nothing changes it

looks like you made some progress, what did you do?

@ballpark333 if you're asking me, I just shared content, 3 different folders of varying sizes. for all that, my contributor level is at -50 (I did make a about half a dozen posts to try and get credit as well, so that's why it's negative to begin with lol) and I got a total of 16 credits. What miffs me though is that when I tried to redeem it said my contributor level was too low and I wasn't even able to see what I paid for Sad

No offense to the forum, but it looks like money is king here and if one wants access to the content the onyx/elite pay is the way to go.

I have 71 likes and 15 posts so at a minimum I should have 86 credits. I have 19 credits in total and have never spent a single credit. I am sorry but the system is broken.

We are being penalized heavily for commenting and not being rewarded accordingly for sharing.

I agree with you, Pinermons, it seems "like money is king here and if one wants access to the content the onyx/elite pay is the way to go."

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I think they just want people to upgrade.

Anybody got a site where everything is free Big Grin

i've spend 10 credits on a post but i still cant view it bcause my contributor level is low. do i need to post more to view that post?

were you unable to view even after you got to +5 contributor rating?? 

Yeah longer I'm here the more i'm convinced that sharing content doesn't help unless you also pay for access  Angry

yeah man, still cant view.

This is absurd. I am going to have to post 50 sets/create 50 threads and even then I might not be able to view a single set because my contribution level will be too low?

Also what happened to 1 credit for every like? That is obviously not happening.

Admin/Mod need to address these issues.

I understand that people pays for all this stuff but credits for links and this contributor level is not so cool....

may as well post 1 picture sets in protest... or just find a different forum!

i know this is off topic but for a while now i've been commenting and liking posts in the onlyfans/nudes leaks but i cant find the link anywhere. can someone help pls.

Yeah, been trying to get my contributor level higher, only to view a specefic folder. I swear by the time I actually get it high enough and the file isn't that worth it, I'm gonna go crazy

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