Do you like girls with small boobs?
When I was younger I prefered girls with big boobs but now I kinda don't care.

Does anyone else feels the same?

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Hell yeah. Small boobs are honestly the best cuz you know they're not causing back pain and not to mention they aren't always in the way.

both are good i think

It's the whole person for me, not the size of the boobs. Eg. people loooove Hitomi but she does nothing for me.

i like this girls[Image: Screenshot-2019-10-24-Mayatiny-lanarhodes.png]

[Image: Screenshot-2019-10-24-Mayatiny-lanarhodes-10.png]

[Image: Screenshot-2019-10-24-Mayatiny-lanarhodes-11.png]

[Image: Screenshot-2019-10-24-Mayatiny-lanarhodes-12.png]

[Image: Screenshot-2019-10-24-Mayatiny-lanarhodes-13.png]

[Image: Screenshot-2019-10-24-Mayatiny-lanarhodes-14.png]

[Image: Screenshot-2019-10-24-Mayatiny-lanarhodes-15.png]

[Image: Screenshot-2019-10-24-Mayatiny-lanarhodes-16.png]

[Image: Screenshot-2019-10-24-Mayatiny-lanarhodes-17.png]

I don't care too much about boob size, small or big, all the same to me.

From what I noticed low wage earners like big tits. Alphas and Sigmas like natural perky tits. But to each their own. For me small tits for the win

Medium size is better than that both

Small or big are fine as long as they look pretty, can't say im a fan of saggy or misshapen.

I prefer small over huge any day

I love all boobs

Sorta similar. When I was younger I was definitely not into smaller boobs but now I don’t really mind to a certain degree. Boobs the size of someone like Riley Reid is fine but any smaller is a no for me.

That depends on the girl, but in most time I like girl with large boobs

To be honest I dont care too much, I dont mind small ones Big Grin

Oh yeah. Fit bodies are the best bodies, small boobs usually apart of that.

small everyday. always fit, best sized nips and areolas and typically not fatties

I actually dont care about it

Legs and ass are more important for me.

all the sanr udutt

I really like allie haze. But dont look for small boobs explicit.