New Members should be given 10-20 credits.

Dslg01 Wrote:Wouldn't this just mean people could create multiple new accounts to get all the content they wanted without contributing anything? I thought this was the problem the credit system was supposed to stop?
I think there is nothing more to say than this

So i have a better understanding of this and i agree with admin that, i actually don't mind that we don't start off with credits. i recently joined this forum and i can appreciate that this forum is about sharing and, through this system, hopefully these links don't go down as quickly as other sharing forums.

unfortunately, im still digging myself out of negative contributor level purgatory, but it is my hope that, the more i share, the more i'll be able to reap the rewards of this forum.

I feel like this would just be over abused

same with me..........

In my opinion the statement in the subject of this thread is at least logical! Like a new user I totally agree, cause there is have to be some test drive system here At

There should be a proper introduction guide when you sign up, at the very least. Otherwise users have no idea what to do once they have realized that posting spam-like replies isn't going to work. I'm not gonna lie, I did the same thing expecting to quickly grab the link I wanted to, then I learned about how the system should really work and even though I know it now, I seem to be permanently stuck at -350. Is this normal? Why should I stay on this platform if it feels like I'm permanently stuck and nothing seems to improve my score?

As much as i would like that it wouldnt work in the end as people would exploit it

New people have no chance to see something. They need wait very long to see one link and finally the link wrong.

Agreed with most the other posters, everyone's just going to create a new account. I mean it only takes a few minutes at most. Actually earning 10 points means way more work put in than registering a new account.

Yeah you can't do that if you want an active community. You would only have lots of LeakedBB accounts

My problem is it is not honest about what you need to do to access content
First it says like/reply
Then it says you need credits
Then it says contrib level too low
etc etc etc