Should I start a new account if I have negative reputation?
So okay I think I understand the drill by now. After posting a couple of times I realised that posting gets you a credit if your post isn’t very low quality. And I understand the logic behind that. The only problem that I think is a little unfair is that short posts such as thank you, thanks a lot etc. are considered as spam therefore can decrease your contributor level by up to 30. I discovered this after posting thanks a lot twice for my first post and second post and now my contributor level is -70. I should also say that I posted 10 times to get enough credits to see one post, however after I realised short posts on about any sharing thread decrease your level by so much I tried my best to contribute positively by making more in-depth posts that reply to the OP’s thread, but they could have pushed me deeper in the negative as well

However right now it’s to the point where any action sharing content simply isn’t worth it, because -70 level is quite a lot, because a thread gives you around maybe 0-10, I have no problem with sharing leaks it’s just that once you messed up, there seems almost no way to dig yourself out of a negative contributor hole, because that would mean I need something like 4-10 threads to start seeing any leaks whatsoever. Or another strategy to delete this account and start a new account posting only threads which have a lower chance of getting -ve contribution points.

I do feel like a much easier requirement for seeing posts would be a set number of leaks I.e 5 different leaks to see other leaks, which would weed out spammers and be much clearer rather than a mysterious algorithm.

I don’t know, I do believe I might be in the wrong and am open to any suggestions of errors I might be making,

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I agree with you 100%. I ruined my contribution level by making spammy 10 first posts and now I have been stuck at -350 for a while. I've posted over 15 quality posts and now I'm at -345. At this pace, I would have to post hundreds of quality replies to fix my initial 10 post mistake. I'm not gonna stick around for long if nothing changes, cause it's just a waste of time at this point. :/

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I kind of agree.

I made the same mistake at first. It wasnt clear what the setup was and I made replies without realizing how badly they would affect contributor level.

Here's my biggest issue. I've posted several quality leak threads and that still isnt enough to overcome a few replies in the beginning? And I cannot PM the administrator about it since, of course, I do not have an upgraded membership. I believe my contributions FAR outweigh the few initial posts I made and I cannot even get hold of an admin to appeal or ask them to reconsider my contributor rating. I dont think I am going to share anymore since it takes SO MUCH to raise the contributor level. I think the algorithm is seriously lopsided.

Lucifer - I hope you read this, take a look at what I've posted and help me out here. Appreciate it.

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This forum is obviously designed to make you pay for the stuff... duh

Well you definitely should make a new account but there are ways to increase reputation quickly like posting threads. Especially threads with content in it because thats mainly what this platform is for. I was stuck really low too, but I created a lot of threads and I have a positive rep now. But if youre that low, and you don't have much content to share, then making a new account is probably the best choice.

Being forced to make a new account means that the system is broken. I'm having hard time understanding how this is being viewed as normal. It's not. Either the site heavily favors premium users like potatomashjer333 said, or the admins are just unaware of the obvious problems (unlikely).

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If people just start making new accounts after getting negative contributor levels it will defeat the point of the contributor levels.
Needs to be easier to build it up to encourage long term membership and contribution not making burner spam accounts

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LIke you can see I have a very low reputation. Just haven't leaked anything, all I have is from here so repost and I don't think that makes sense.

A few months ago I could still like a threat and get the link, but with the new update(?) that is no longer the case. It was commenting 'thank you' and clicking reply again gave you the link. Now all I see is 'react for the link' and after reacting 'Premium content please react'. Have tried posting on here about it, without succes and soon after I was banned. Don't know if that has anything to do with that or with my rep though. So yeah I hope mods will read and react for a solution. Even it is 'a week not reacting is reset to zero' or something.

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i do believe it is pretty unfair that they dont tell you how much you lose or gain for what you do, but i understand they want to keep people out who want to leech or report the site.

Should I start a new account if I have negative reputation? I would.

No you should just work hard to improve your rep. post a lot, be nice and respect the mods. alternatively you can pay for premium.

No just post more leaks to make up for it. It seems like it is easier to lose than it is to gain here

In another thread admin says theres a system overhaul
lets wait for the new rules/system

Yea low rep here too. Hope this gets sorted out soon bc this site seems great! And I have more stuff to put up as well so ??

i didnt understand at first either

This forum ia not good

thanks for the info!

They should make it better to get points other wise it wAsteroid of time.

Yeah you have to actually learn about the site first, can't immediately jump into using it.

Think I made this mistake just starting. Hoping it's not too late to turn it around. If not guess i will retry.