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Contributor level
hhernandez1792 Offline
Junior Member
thanks bro we apreciatte your effort

gtkev Online
Junior Member
Thanks for this explanation

WinCB Offline
Junior Member
Lucifer NightStar Wrote:Ok without going into too deep an explanation, because the precise algorithm is a trade secret, let me break down how the "Contributor Level" is calculated.
  • You get Positive Points for Making a New thread

  • You get Positive points for replying or making a post in the NON-Leaks Sections

  • You get Positive points for every single like you receive on your posts

  • You get negative points for making a post in a leaks section. This includes Nudes/Social Content Etc.

  • Viewing Threads has ZERO effect on your rating.

  • Buying or clicking links has ZERO effect on your contributor rating

This rating is simply a measure of how much you have contributed to the site. Making a reply to "get points" to unlock content is not contributing. Making general discussion in non-leaks section is. The gains from posting content ie. Making Threads is much higher than making posts. Making spam posts just to "get points" simply to unlock content is not contributing. This is why a lot of users who simply sign up, make a lot of posts in the Leaks Section just to see thread contents, have very low contributor ratings. The system uses custom metrics to detect how much a user has actually contributed to the site. Which is why, you can bypass it completely by Upgrading your account, which is an entirely different way to "contribute". 

All in all, it is just another way to keep the site clean from scrapers, and spammers, and unlike many sites, our links stay up longer, because of these measures. I hope that clears things up.
Thank you for the explanation. Much more clear now. Maybe post this somewhere else so everyone can see it?

slothotter Offline
Junior Member
Thanks for the explanation, still sort of unclear how credits relate to reputation though, is it just 1 credit per positive post?

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